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Discover a profound journey of connection and healing with a Couples Sound Bath Ceremony.

Immerse yourselves in  soothing sounds and vibrations, designed to harmonise your energy fields and deepen your connection as a couple.

Experience the transformative power of sound healing in this 1.5-hour ceremony:

  • Guided Meditation: Settle into a state of meditation and prepare your minds and bodies for the sound journey.

  • Sound Journey: go deep with the crystal singing bowls, chimes, rain stick, and drum. Allow the resonate frequencies to wash over you, releasing stress, tension, and emotional blockages.

  • Oracle Reading: Receive a personalised message from the universe, offering guidance and insights for your relationship journey.

Elevate your experience with Reiki:

For an enhanced experience, opt for our 2.5-hour ceremony, which includes Reiki for each person. Reiki, a hands-on healing technique, will further promote relaxation, balance, and energy flow within your bodies.



  • Sound Bath Ceremony: £120 per couple

  • Sound Bath Ceremony with Reiki: £150 per couple

Nurture your love and deepen your connection through the transformative power of sound healing.

Contact Jessika to book your Couples Sound Bath Ceremony today and embark on a journey of harmony and healing.


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