up to the moon


About me

During this time of transformation in the world, it is important that we listen to the messages that we are being given. 

Since birthing my daughter, I have been on a journey through matrescence. 

It has guided me to help mothers and fathers find their power in birth and helping them remember their instincts by teaching hypnobirthing and supporting families with doula care.

I have since been led to reiki and sound healing. After going through a intense healing process, I am now bringing women together in circles with the moon to share the healing rituals that have helped me. 

"We are all connected, we don't need to fight each other, we don't need to compete with each other - we need to work together To create a better world. and a world that is a healthy world because we are ever so sick. Many of us. all over the world are sick, from eating the wrong food, through the soil being treated in the wrong way.

People are becoming aware of a need to bring up their children in a different way, eat foods more carefully.

There are many fields where women's voices and women's wisdom could be put to use, because women have an innate deep wisdom in them of what is right for life and right for their children" 

               - Anne Baring