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Private group Sound baths

Experience a transformative journey with The Luna Flow’s crystal bowl sound baths


her unique sound bath ceremony combines the power of meditation, cleansing, and an altar to create a healing space where you can remove your armour, calm your nervous system, and find deep healing. 

Jessika uses crystal singing bowls, crystal alchemy bowls, chimes, drums, and rain stick to help you tap into the frequencies of the universe and align your energy with its healing power. 

Come and discover a new level of relaxation, rejuvenation, and spiritual growth.

Jessika offers sound baths for private groups

Private group sessions can be tailored to your needs, as a basis, Jessika offers a 1.5 hour session which includes a guided meditation, sound bath and oracle card pull at the alter to finish.

this might include any of the following but Jessika is always open to ideas you have:

  • birthday celebration

  • family gathering

  • friend catch up 

  • hen party

  • retreats

Jessika can hire a space for your private group sound bath or come to you and your space.

Prices start from £150 depending on the location and size of the group

Please contact for enquiries

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