What is it all about?

Sound baths

If like me, you struggle to sit and meditate, maybe because you just haven't got the time, or when you try you get distracted by the list of things you need to do or what you're making for dinner..then sound baths are for you. The sound leads you on a relaxing meditative journey allowing your body to go in to the rest and digest state which is perfect for healing. Sound is like food for your nervous system, helping with anxiety, depression, insomnia and so much more. I was hooked from the first one I went to and just had to share them with the world.


The crystal bowls have the ability to put you in to a deep state of relaxation.

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I offer monthly group sound baths near Wells at The Middlewick

A gorgeous setting in the most relaxing building. With underfloor heating, cosy beanbags to lie on and immersive lighting. An evening a pure relaxation. 


Perhaps you would rather have a private sound bath in your own home, or for an event? They can be a lovely activity for hen parties or birthdays.