Sacred Sisterhood Circle

Delving into feminine archetypes, transformation and sisterhood

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Do you feel called to join a circle? There is great healing that can happen in being part of a women's circle. As we work together in ceremony, healing the sisterhood wound and awakening our hearts, we can then spread this love out to the world where it is so needed right now. Our moon circles are a safe space for us to come together in ceremony with the Full Moon. Guiding each other through mindful practices, meditation and working with the moon's energy as we heal together. During every circle, I lead prompted journalling and we spend time connecting and sharing if we feel it would benefit us. There is no judgements in our circle, we are all on the same page and connected. Supporting each other through whatever may come up as we feel and release. You can be any version of yourself that shows up that day, without having to hold back or suppress your feminine energy. Vulnerable, strong or emotional, there is no need to apologise and all of this is completely welcome. I end each Full Moon circle guiding us on a deep, relaxing and healing sound bath. We hold the circles in a gorgeously energetically space where you can feel the love of the women before us that met just like we do, they guide us and support us in our healing together in the circle. I am so honoured to facilitate these circles and I would love you to join us on this one.

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