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in person 1:1 reiki healing Sessions

Experience a healing session with Jessika in Glastonbury. 

Discover the benefits of Reiki and sound healing with Jessika, who has combined two beautiful and very powerful healing practices to help bring alignment to your energy body and deep restoration to your nervous system. 

The art of Reiki is an ancient, sacred form of healing. The word Reiki translates to Universal Life Force Energy. We all have the ability to access this energy and healing and Jessika has been trained and attuned to Reiki, which allows her to connect, and act as a conduit, to the unlimited, abundant energy bringing it directly to your body, mind and soul. 

Just like Reiki, sound has also been used as a form of healing for many years. Jessika uses quartz crystal bowls that are tuned to different notes and healing frequencies to help move stagnant and trapped energy through your body. 

This powerful combination works on clearing and aligning your chakras giving you a feeling of calm within your body and soul. 

The session can be hands on or off and the bowls can also be placed directly on to your body if you would like a more intense experience. 

Jessika will guide you through a meditation to help you relax and then use the quartz crystal bowls over your body to help move any energy through your chakra energy system. Once you are in a relaxed state she will begin a full body reiki session, working intuitively where she feels any blockages and messages coming through and acting as a channel for the reiki to go where it intelligently knows to work on healing. 

There is also the option to have a stand alone reiki healing session, without sound.

The reiki and sound healing session is 1 hour and 30mins 

 Reiki session without sound 1 hour

Distance reiki sessions are also available 

with or without sound healing

"I attended a sound bath healing session in June & by chance the date Jessika offered me was also the anniversary of my dad’s passing. When I shared this with Jessika I immediately felt held by her as she allowed me some space to reflect on how I was feeling. I’d also just broken up with my boyfriend & she also empathised with me around this. The healing session started with the sage being cast around my body, a familiar smell associated with cleansing so it was soothing. When Jessika was reading from a book explaining which phase of the moon we were in I felt her hand on my solar plexus…after the session she told me her hand was nowhere near me at that point! The reiki was lovely, I felt some energy shifts in my body, especially my throat chakra!!

The session ended with some spirit cards which I requested when I booked & I resonated with some of the messages. Overall it was a healing experience, perfectly timed as I was feeling very fragile. I would highly recommend"

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