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Experience a distance reiki healing session with Jessika 


Reiki transcends time and physical space, it can be sent and received to a person, situation or place through distance reiki.

One wonderful aspect of Distant Reiki is you can be anywhere to receive it and you never have to leave your home.

Distance Reiki is just as effective as experiencing a session in person – the Reiki energy works and you can benefit from it regardless of where you are.


Having a session in the comfort of your own home can often times be more relaxing than leaving the house. you can enjoy the session in the comfort of your own bed in your pjs.

You can book a time with Jessika for your distance reiki session and there are some steps to take to prepare for your session

first you should pick a time where you can be receptive to the treatment, jessika will send you a playlist to listen to while you lie or sit down to receive the reiki

Jessika will ask you to send her your details and send a picture of yourself to her. she will ask you some questions like your intention for the session

Jessika also offers the combination of reiki and sound healing, the sound bath will be held via zoom with you.

Discover the benefits of Reiki and sound healing with Jessika, who has combined two beautiful and very powerful healing practices to help bring alignment to your energy body and deep restoration to your nervous system. 

This powerful combination works on clearing and aligning your chakras giving you a feeling of calm within your body and soul. 

If there is a date or time not shown that you would like to book, or if you have any questions, email jessika -

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